Joey Avery


Who am i?


After starting his career in Cape Town, South Africa Joey Avery brought his positive and energetic brand of comedy to San Francisco and received the Jimmy Gunn award for Best Newcomer to the Bay Area comedy scene. He was recently honored by the SF Chronicle as one of the Bay Area's Comics to catch. Joey appeared on Fox and AJ+ as well as in the San Francisco Sketchfest Comedy Festival and the San Diego Sun God Music and Arts Festival. He hosts the Chubbies Podcast, the Pier 69 podcast, and creates content for Chubbies Entertainment.






Learn from the marketing inexperts of Chubbies about what not to do when building a shorts empire, and enjoy some ill advised experiments in comedy all from the greatest purveyors of living life in the fast lane.

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4 dudes that will say anything to get a laugh